Quality Control

We always put product quality first
For us, quality is a constant motivator. From raw material procurement, the entire supply chain to the end market, we run quality control and risk assessment throughout every link to form a strict quality control system

—— Professional QC device ——

High-performance liquid chromotograph Kjeldahl apparatus and other equipments in our laboratory.
Strictly in accordance with national standards for testing to ensure the quality of our products.

——Professional quality control team ——

Quality inspection team supervise each production process carefully verify the effectiveness of CCP point actively coordineate and reslove quality problems, and never let unqualified products flow out of the factory.

Production workshop and management system comply with GMP standards
-Implement whole-process quality control from raw materials to finished products
-Full traceability record
-100,000-level clean production workshop
-Passed multiple national quality certifications