Factory Tour

——  GMP System Workshop  ——

Take GMP medical standard to build the normative production room.

More than 180,000 square meters workshop.

Produce the candies strictly according to the international quality standard.

Imported Blender Machine & filling machinestrong

Blender Machine
To mix all the raw materials fully so that the raw materials can go to next process.

Automatic Filling Machine
With the function of weighing,filling and labeling the candy into the correct packing materials automaically.

German High Speed Compressed Machine

12 sets of German high speed automatic compressed machine to compress the raw materials into candy shape we need.

Production capacity of per set is : 1.5 tons of candy / day , 12 sets = 18 tons of candy / day

Imported Automatic Filling Machine

-20 sets of Automatic filling machine for sachet package.
-With the function of filling & weighing for per sachet.
-Daily production capacity is 720,000 sachets/day, means 2500 cartons/day.

-8 sets of Automatic filling machine for bottle package.
-With the function of filling & labeling for per bottle.
-Production capacity is 320,000 bottles/day, means 4000 cartons/day.